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Here's to the beginning...(40 weeks -er 1 week old)

     Its been over a week since the last blog, sorry about that. We've been busy.  Beastie came on Friday, November 24th at 7:48pm ET (6:48 CT). First order of business, Beastie will henceforth be known as John.  John Robert Tidwell-Davidson      John Robert Tidwell-Davidson.  Sorry, son.  We know its a long last name.  John came, not without drama. (I hope he's not setting us up for the future.)      As we found out at our 39 week appointment at the OB, he had flipped himself upside-down...from where he should be, (which is up side down) -eh his head was in her ribs and his butt was in our surrogates pelvis. Also known as breech.  This is almost the worst case scenario.  The OB said he wanted to schedule a version procedure for Friday morning. This is when we were also supposed to induce. This is when they inject a muscle relaxant (that only affects the uterus) into the surrogate.  After waiting 10 minutes for the uterus to relax the OB came in. SHE WAS A RIOT.  I