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The Last Trimester

     With an abundance of devastating and catastrophic weather events over the last few week its been a long three weeks at work. Though I can't even imagine what the last three weeks has felt like for the people of Texas and Florida. I am just thankful that we only lost power.      Its been over a month since my last post. A lot of things have happened! We renovated and renovated and renovated and we still are. We also have gotten baby stuff going full speed.  We took a baby class this month and learned some pretty interesting things from some veteran dads (that's at the end of this post). The entire kitchen was hermetically sealed. We joked that it was like we were in a scene from Dexter...      For starters we finished the nursery, the upstairs hallway ceiling, and the kitchen ceiling!  Safe to say we will NEVER. EVER do more than one room of spackling at a time.  We both thought, to minimize the dusty mess drywall sanding is, that doing them all at the same time would