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The countdown begins...20 weeks

Here we are. 20 weeks. Its the halfway point. The journey is 1/2 over but the ride is coming faster and faster. Don't forget too, we have an post of surrogacy FAQs We're starting to think more about the nursery.  We're almost done with the kitchen. I have to wire the oven and get a few more things put together and then full on to the nursery. The kitchen after the 1-day renovation; however, the oven needs to be rewired to the panel. Change out aluminum to copper. So a few things left to make the kitchen great, but its basically on the wrap. I told Dustin today that if he wants to start removing the sheet rock from the INTERIOR walls in the future nursery, he can. He was SUPER stoked about that. OH! Did I tell you!? I didn't! (I just looked at my last posts) Friends of ours who adopted a newborn (now 19-20 months) wanted to off-load a bunch of their baby stuff and offered it to us. Like a massive amount of gender neutral clothes, some toys and some really

This is what I do for my birthday...

Seriously though. This is what we basically did all weekend.