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Surrogacy FAQs

I was thinking about this for a few days and while installing sheet rock in the kitchen last night, I thought, 'I'm going to make an FAQ about our journey.'  -don't get me wrong, we love, LOVE talking about it. Its so fascinating, so I get it. But there are some questions that you might be afraid to ask and so I'll answer them and then you'll know and won't have to feel weird or anything asking! Who is the mother? Well, there isn't really one and there won't be one. There was a kind young woman who signed away maternal rights to 32 of her eggs anonymously. Do you know who she is? Do you know her medical history? Nope, no clue who she is. And that's fine. She decided she wanted to be anonymous and we wanted to be able to keep things simple. The eggs came with a pretty involved medical history of her family, plus we all (even the embryo) had extensive genetic testing and analysis and we're all different enough that there shouldn't be

2 Weeks until halfway...

The time is passing quickly.  The end of June is almost here and that also means the approach of the halfway mark in our surrogacy journey. Our surrogate is incredibly sweet. She sent me a Penn State onesie for the baby and a book from Jimmy Fallon, Your baby's first word will be Dada. Adorable book. And the onesie really made me much joy. I have to say that occasionally it feels really real to me and other times I even forget that our baby is actually a physical thing. (I mean I know its coming...I know that for sure with every project that I do but sometimes it feels just like a really great idea) But those days when I'm not even aware what's going on, our surrogate will send us a little message in a group text.  Its always wonderful to hear the reality of the fetal heartbeat. Its amazing. I honestly can't tell you exactly how it feels, but I know that my own heart rate slows and my blood pressure goes down.  I try to listen to it as m