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We have lift off!!

We had our graduation appointment this week.  We heard a heart beat.  I have to say it is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience up to this point in your life/journey.  That characteristic, 'waw waw' sound of the fetal/embryo? heart beat. Its just astounding.  Like I can't get over watching it or hearing it. You can clearly see the flicker of the little embryonic/fetal heart. Its so freaking cool. Beastie's heart is beating! We were going through such a range of emotions from excitement to anxiety to shear panic. OMG what if there's more than one heartbeat?! What if there is no heart beat?! This is about to happen!! This is nerve wracking! This is so exciting!  As I said we were released, probably a little early, normally its an 8 week and a 10 week appointment, but because our surrogate is from out of state, they will do ONE appointment mid-way through. It worked out that we were able to slide in to a week 8 appointment. No

I think I'm starting to freak out...

It hit me yesterday. I'm full of anxiety. I'll get to that in a moment... First, let me get you caught up in what's been happening since my last post. We're pregnant. We had our blood test and the numbers for the beta test were consistent with a pregnancy. YAY!  Looks like those pee sticks really did know what was going on. Our surrogate is awesome. She's VERY organized. Which I love   Just in case the word Beastie in the above snap is weird...we decided to call our little embryonic/fetus "Beastie."  My husband (and I as well) thoroughly loves the Angelina Jolie Disney movie, Maleficent.  She calls baby Sleeping Beauty, Beastie. So that's what we'll call it going forward. So now we wait...and wait...and wait... Until our surrogate flies back to Georgia to go for her 7-10 week appointment and graduation to *her* OB in Wisconsin. Which by the way is coming up in the next 2 weeks. Projects in our house have taken on a new feeling. Now it