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2 Days Post Transfer

Its been 48 hours since we transferred our embryo into our surrogate.

It was quite the procedure. We all waited in the "pre-op room," while our surrogate drank a boat load of water to fill her bladder so they could use the external ultrasound effectively. We got to the office a little (an hour) early which actually got us into the appointment BEFORE we were scheduled because that group hadn't arrived yet.

drinking water and not peeing in solidarity
 I had everything lucky on. EVERYTHING. I had my husbands dog tags, my grandfather's wedding ring, my lucky Rusty brand, rash guard and my Nike ID sneakers. We were all pretty decked out in our lucky stuff. My husband and our surrogate found a pair of pink socks with unicorns pooping rainbows on them. Perfect for a married gay couple.
Transfer socks! Dustin and I wore our wedding socks and our surrogate wore unicorn pooping rainbows
 The procedure went as planned. Our doctor inserted a catheter said, "ok ready," and the embryologist brought a syringe out to the doctor, she snaked it in and the 'deed' was done.  I have to say I knew going in that it was going to be high stress, high anxiety but low excitement. Its just a very anti-climactic procedure -which I guess one could surmise is a really good thing. We don't need any excitement. Excitement should be further along like at the first heartbeat and at the birth. We all hung out later that day and traveled around Atlanta and settled on hanging out at the sky wheel near Centennial Olympic Park. 

We, I mean I, kept joking that she needs to keep her legs crossed. Keep that bundle of cells up in there!
Just walking around Atlanta enjoying each other's company on the sky wheel while we wait for her flight
Eventually time ran out and we took the train to the airport. And said goodbye (hopefully for several weeks) to our surrogate and our little bundle of cells eagerly hatching out of its protective shell. Hang on little blastocyst! Hang on to those uterine walls!! 

Now we wait. The blood test is in 10 days to see if the embryo implanted itself and our surrogates body decides it's going to be pregnant or not. The medical assistants at the IVF clinic told our surrogate that she should not be coerced into taking at-home pregnancy tests by my husband and I.  Little does SHE know that our surrogate may or may not be addicted to pee stick tests and literally, I mean it, literally bought 50 pee sticks. I don't think they need to worry about us. Plus nothing is useful in determining pregnancy until, at least, 5 days.  That's not stopping us from being anxious about it anyway.  So we wait. We stare at this app we all have that shows "where we are" in the pregnancy and alerts us when our surrogate logs in that she took her prenatal vitamins.  Its really interesting but probably not helping the anxiety level about whats happening inside the uterus! 


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