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Day 0

I'm insanely bad about blogging consistently.  I do well for a time but when I get to the end of a sentence I say the wrong cranberry.  (Seriously though I hope to keep this up)

A little back story, really short. I'm Ryan, my husband is Dustin know what, this will help.

So that's us.  We're SUPER handy. Only the things that are dangerous to do is when I hire people.
I titled this post, "Day 0," because that's the first thing that stuck out to me today.  We signed papers with the fertility clinic to start the process of having a baby. SO EXCITING!

When we were going over everything after we signed a check and contracts and consent, our liaison started going over all the pieces and the day the eggs get fertilized is called Day 0.  That's where we are. We have an egg donor, we have no idea who she is (we want it that way) but she does have a lot of genetic features in common with the two of us so if we have a baby, it should look like us both. She starts her egg retrieval cycle soon. And before the end of the month we're likely going to be fertilizing for some embryos.

We might have a surrogate already.  Might. We're still finalizing that, but hopefully we can move forward. The clinic has a strict policy that surrogates or carriers have specific physiological characteristics for the best chance for a successful carry.  I'm really hoping she fits in those.

That's where we are at OUR day 0.


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