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Getting dirty

Today the yard got some loving. Hard to know where you are until you look back at where you've been.  Here's what the yard looked like this morning.  So many valleys and ridges! But now, they're gone.  I'm totally stoked. Now, hopefully, we will have a nice smooth grassy back yard! Trying to keep ourselves busy in the waiting game for the egg donor and egg retrieval. ACK! Hopefully taking care of our yard will keep me busy; that, and finishing the office. I have to finish the office.


I said I was bad at routinely blogging.  No one is reading this anyway.  So no one is really missing it.  Either way, it was a busy weekend of Pride festivities and working a major, deadly hurricane so posting my thoughts on life had to take a backseat.  Matthew killed a lot of people. Over 800 in Haiti and I believe as of tonight 23 or 28 people in the US. I think about those that lost their lives, and of the people that we may have saved.  There's only so much you can do as a disseminator of information. Interspersed with my coverage of a deadly hurricane was the festivities of Atlanta Pride weekend. I missed the most of the Aquarium kick-off party but I caught the tail end. It was still fun.   Saturday I helped set up the tents in Piedmont park with the crew and spent a few minutes chilling in the shade on the lawn. Pretty windy day, due to Matthew's proximity. Pressure gradient was pretty decent in the Southeast on Saturday.  Leaving the park. It was

Too tired to think.

It's late, I'm tired. Matthew sucks. (the hurricane) I tried looking at secure paperwork today, it locked me out. I don't even know why. Emailed the bank...nothing.  Called the bank...nothing. Tomorrow I'll have to GO to the bank. Ugh. Dustin and I went over fiscal responsibilities we will have with our surrogate. I need a massage, a beer and sleep.

Take control of your credit cards

This is going to be the death of me. We're talking to a bank about a loan. They called me today and basically told me that they would loan us the full amount we asked for, BUT they will take control of 1 loan and 2 credit cards. Pay them off. Then close them. Close them. "Wait," I said, "close my credit cards? One of those is the longest card I've ever had, doesn't closing that significantly alter my credit score?" "Perhaps," the woman on the other end of the phone replied, "but that's something you can talk about and negotiate during the process..." Long story shorter...basically they pay off our wedding and my two credit cards and leaves us with HALF the money we applied for and NO credit cards. There's something I just don't like about the entire thing. Its going to require some serious negotiations OR a re-think of the application. UGH. On a more positive note, our future surrogate is incredibly flexible a

Come What May

"I can't even with you." That's what Dustin said to me as I handed him back his phone after reading the messages that our surrogate sent him saying she would like to officially "match," with us...cause I did it like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge in the Indian song towards the end of the movie, I walked out like... you know what, like this. Matching: The term used when a surrogate and intended parents agree to move forward with each other into the wild and crazy world of pregnancy. So we're moving forward with her.  We're excited. Though I'm really trying to keep our feet on the ground.   I'm excited but just trying to keep my expectations low for now.  I hear a lot of stories on how the process goes for people, so I don't want to get ahead of myself. On top of all this...I'm starting a work schedule to provide 24 hour coverage for The Weather Channel's programming of Hurricane Matthew.  Its going to be a long week/we

Day 0

I'm insanely bad about blogging consistently.  I do well for a time but when I get to the end of a sentence I say the wrong cranberry.  (Seriously though I hope to keep this up) A little back story, really short. I'm Ryan, my husband is Dustin know what, this will help. So that's us.  We're SUPER handy. Only the things that are dangerous to do is when I hire people. I titled this post, "Day 0," because that's the first thing that stuck out to me today.  We signed papers with the fertility clinic to start the process of having a baby. SO EXCITING! When we were going over everything after we signed a check and contracts and consent, our liaison started going over all the pieces and the day the eggs get fertilized is called Day 0.  That's where we are. We have an egg donor, we have no idea who she is (we want it that way) but she does have a lot of genetic features in common with the two of us so if we have a baby, it should look like u