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Beastie's Birth Month (Week 36)

     A lot changed in the last week. You know, like the month.
That hit us pretty hard.
    -eh...saying hit us hard sounds negative, it was more like sobering, like, "OH...this is the month our baby is supposed to be born in..." [insert "The Scream" emoji here.]

Dustin organizes the Tidwell-Davidson
     We finally finished up the pantry this past least to the degree that we could put the food in there finally and get it out of the dining room.  As I was building it and putting everything in there both of us started freaking out...

Are we going to actually have enough room??

     The answer turned out to be yes. Thankfully, MORE than enough room. That was a big sigh of relief. Getting all our food and kitchen electrics organized into a singular space has been clutch. Now, our limited counter space is open for everything and our pantry is almost stocked and we can SEE everything that we have.

     Dustin wanted a counter in there, as well. So to make it fit with the rest of the Kitchen, I stained the same plywood with the accent wood color for the rest of the kitchen put several coasts of polyurethane on it to make it look like a counter. It looks pretty sweet.   Check out the empty photos below.

     Tuesday was Halloween. Dustin and I usually go to a party or two the weekend near the holiday. We like dressing up and hanging with friends that do the same. Dustin REALLY loves Halloween and a few of our friends do too and have pretty epic parties.
At one of the weekend parties at least one person from our Hurricane season baby crew was there...I was an expectant father
     On actual Halloween we never really do much. Our house and neighborhood isn't conducive to trick-or-treaters.  We end up waiting all day and then realize that one bag of candy was too much.  We did have an invitation this year to an adjacent neighborhood trick-or-treat gathering. It was everything that a suburban gathering should be. We walked with our friends and their children and it brought us so much joy.
All the children got together in a yearly picture of the Halloween gathering before heading out to grab treats!
      Then the middle of week came. Our first of the weekly OB appointments leading up to the end of the pregnancy. Pins and needles as we wait to hear where we stand leading up to labor and delivery. 
     As of our Wednesday appointment we're on track. Barely dilated and 50% effaced. If you don't know what that is...let me explain a little bit as best a man without that plumbing (but the ability to read) can.
     Dilation is the opening of the the wider the opening...obviously the more conducive it would be for a baby the size of a...where are we right now...(checking app)...a honeydew melon. So ya know, you need something a little bigger than 0.5cm.
     Effacement is the thinning of the cervix.  The distance from the uterine side opening of the cervix to the vaginal side. This is just given a percentage. Right now we're at 50% effaced.
     OMG!!! What does that mean? Is the baby coming early?! 
     Who knows?  Those two things individually are not singular indicators of the onset of labor.  But they are indicators that we're nearing the end of the journey.
     Wednesday next week is the next appointment to see how we're progressing. We'll get a better idea of the rate of change next week, which could in theory, give us a better estimation of where we stand.
    Things are getting real. We're closing in on the end. Our go-bags are packed and we're ready for plan A (our plan) or plan B (Beastie's plan). We have 2 weeks left before its definitely go-time.
*cue nervous heartbeat*


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