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That 'new dad' look! (counting down...week 35)

Being homosexual comes inherently with challenges.  Being a homosexual, married couple adds a few more hurdles to that pile. Being a homosexual, married couple, expecting a baby?  Things start to get weird. Actually, in the current sociopolitical climate, there have been many issues brought to light in dealing with equality and fairness; Women, people of color, homosexuals...all fighting some battle just to be treated with equal rights and protections under the law and from the rest of humanity.   One group, which rightfully, isn't really included in the fight for equal protections or treatment (because they've been given the priority for basically most of history) are men.  Stay with me.... When you think of instincts when dealing with a child, what is that called?  -Maternal instinct Who is said to have the closest relationship with the child? -the mother The vast majority of baby books are written for? -Moms (and when they're not they're mostly geared to D

Showered with Love - Week 34

      Here I am sitting on the first day of week 34 and I, not being pregnant myself, am so anxious. I can't imagine how all my recent pregnant friends have felt wanting to be done with pregnancy and get this party going!       The last time I posted, we had just finished the nursery.  After several weeks of hurricanes, power outages and lost weekends from, its decorated and filled with goodies from our Baby Shower. I got the ROYGBIV balloons for the front yard to mark the party place. It looks like the 'UP' house!      We got handed a load of life in those few weeks.  A few days before the first guests arrived at the house...a few things went wrong. For starters, our 11 year old Labrador Retriever/mutt came down with a mysterious illness that enlarged her liver and made her basically immobile. She was barely eating and drinking, wouldn't move (I had to carry her inside and outside the house and up the stairs for bed). she was just in so much pai