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They told us not to...

And really it wasn't us. But we knew going in that at-home pregnancy tests are not reliable, and the only thing that really counts is the blood test that's coming up on Friday. Can I tell you that I AM LOSING MY MIND?! Well-I mean, not really losing my mind. But I'm cautiously optimistic.  Our surrogate has a bit of an obsession with at-home pregnancy tests. She's been taking them, well, come to think of it...I don't know how soon she started taking them.  We do know she started seeing hints of a positive result starting on Saturday, 3 days after transfer day.  So here we are a week later and the lines on the tests are getting darker. We scheduled a video call for LIVE results. The 2 minute wait was CRAZY (its says YES+) We're staying cautiously optimistic.  In the meantime, we're waiting on our power to come back on after severe thunderstorms tore through Georgia, Tuesday night around 9pm.  We lost power about that time and the latest update for p

2 Days Post Transfer

Its been 48 hours since we transferred our embryo into our surrogate. It was quite the procedure. We all waited in the "pre-op room," while our surrogate drank a boat load of water to fill her bladder so they could use the external ultrasound effectively. We got to the office a little (an hour) early which actually got us into the appointment BEFORE we were scheduled because that group hadn't arrived yet. drinking water and not peeing in solidarity  I had everything lucky on. EVERYTHING . I had my husbands dog tags, my grandfather's wedding ring, my lucky Rusty brand, rash guard and my Nike ID sneakers. We were all pretty decked out in our lucky stuff. My husband and our surrogate found a pair of pink socks with unicorns pooping rainbows on them. Perfect for a married gay couple. Transfer socks! Dustin and I wore our wedding socks and our surrogate wore unicorn pooping rainbows  The procedure went as planned. Our doctor inserted a catheter said, "ok

Transfer at Baby-lon

Here we are just about 36 hours from our transfer day. And I'm losing my mind. My mind is going crazy. I'm trying to stay right here. In the moment. AND IT'S FREAKING HARD! Remember in the beginning when I said I was really bad at updating this routinely? Told ya so. We have a wonderful surrogate, she's basically perfect. And we finished the legal process and the psych evaluation and the buying of hormonal drugs. And when we wake up tomorrow...we'll be 24 hours away from one of the last big steps. Fingers crossed.