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Take control of your credit cards

This is going to be the death of me.

We're talking to a bank about a loan. They called me today and basically told me that they would loan us the full amount we asked for, BUT they will take control of 1 loan and 2 credit cards. Pay them off. Then close them.

Close them.

"Wait," I said, "close my credit cards? One of those is the longest card I've ever had, doesn't closing that significantly alter my credit score?"
"Perhaps," the woman on the other end of the phone replied, "but that's something you can talk about and negotiate during the process..."

Long story shorter...basically they pay off our wedding and my two credit cards and leaves us with HALF the money we applied for and NO credit cards. There's something I just don't like about the entire thing. Its going to require some serious negotiations OR a re-think of the application.


On a more positive note, our future surrogate is incredibly flexible and accommodating.  YAY! Things are looking great with her.

And I bought a book. Cause that's what I do. I read up on things. Even babies. I saw it somewhere and looked it up to try and buy a digital copy, didn't exist. But that's ok, I can take notes in this one!

What I really liked about this book (aside from one of the authors being a pediatrician in Atlanta) was basically the first page in the book that says (I'm paraphrasing here) A note on breast is best, yes there are benefits, but if you can't its ok, don't be upset. Skip ahead to the chapter on formula, formulas today have the same nutritional benefits as breast milk.  GREAT! Cause we don't have boobs!

Now let's take some notes....


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