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Installing the Greatest Piece of Smart Home Tech Yet

Within the last year, Ryan invested in an Indiegogo campaign for SUNSA wands. The idea behind the device is to retrofit your analog blinds with connected technology to automate them. This past week, they arrived and after having had them for a few days, they are indeed glorious. Like most things that are new to market and innovation, they have some quirks and bugs; but the company has been exceptional at making the edits and changes pretty quickly. Check out the unboxing here: To get your own check out the SUNSA website here. (We haven't received anything in turn for our videos or this article, this is just a really cool product that we're excited about) If you happen to get one (or a few) we made a set-up and installation video with a few tips and tricks we realized along the way. You can check that out here.
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Episode 1 - Coming Out

Here it is!!! The first episode of the Podcast! All about how we came out and what went on this weekend at Pride weekend in Atlanta! Take a listen!

National Coming Out Day

I totally didn't even realize today was national coming out day! We took a picture to mark the occasion.  A lot of people post and share their stories today.  Sharing their struggles and their triumphs over the hurdles, or even walls, surrounding the ability to live their truths.  Dustin and I have very different stories of our coming outs.  He's been living his truth for just about a decade before I came out to my family and more importantly to myself.  Coming out is not for everyone and today is certainly not meant to give you anxiety about coming out or not. You might find yourself in a variety of situations; from being a public personality, a conservative family, your own fears and so many other possibilities. Its not always easy.  For some, yes, its easy, you grow up in a family where you know without a shadow of a doubt that you'll be accepted for who you are.  We know, better than most, that its different for everyone.  Most of all, you do you, we'll be her

Embarking on a New Endeavor

Finally. Today the last of my equipment came in and we completed a successful test. The goal is to do a weekly podcast, about 30-45 minutes long, covering -well everything! We're going to talk about raising our son, working full-time, taking care of a home, entertaining friends and taking care of ourselves.  We'll see how this goes. I don't have any delusions about why I'm doing it. We're going to do it primarily to document our lives with raising our son.  My ultimate goal is doing it because I've been searching for a Dad podcast that is honest, engaged and talks about all the positions in a family, not just the traditional mom/dad roles.  Going through our IVF-Surrogacy Journey it was all about traditional male and female roles. We'll talk about that, and lots of other things.  We'll share our favorite recipes, design tips and tricks, DIY tips, books, products and procedures that have worked for us.  We hope you enjoy it and come hang with us. 

New project

Every project starts with an idea and a plan. Stay tuned, the domain is just the start...

What's in a name?...(~2 months old)

     I meant to write and post this a month ago...needless to say, we've been busy. Its not easy to write up a blog post these days. I'm not complaining. Its awesome.      A little over two months ago, we named our first-born son, John Robert Tidwell-Davidson.  Some people asked where the names came from.  I hesitated to post and explain right away because, well...we don't have to.  It was today as we start shutting down January that I wanted to get it out. Not because anyone has asked, but because his name is important and the stories should be told. Let's start with his first name... John -      My grandfather. John Daniel Chester. An inspirational, traditional and yet avant-garde man who was one half of the men (my dad being the other) that helped shape who I am today.  My grandfather was born in the 1920s. Was in the Navy, worked in the health physics department at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island. Was active in the community, was th

Here's to the beginning...(40 weeks -er 1 week old)

     Its been over a week since the last blog, sorry about that. We've been busy.  Beastie came on Friday, November 24th at 7:48pm ET (6:48 CT). First order of business, Beastie will henceforth be known as John.  John Robert Tidwell-Davidson      John Robert Tidwell-Davidson.  Sorry, son.  We know its a long last name.  John came, not without drama. (I hope he's not setting us up for the future.)      As we found out at our 39 week appointment at the OB, he had flipped himself upside-down...from where he should be, (which is up side down) -eh his head was in her ribs and his butt was in our surrogates pelvis. Also known as breech.  This is almost the worst case scenario.  The OB said he wanted to schedule a version procedure for Friday morning. This is when we were also supposed to induce. This is when they inject a muscle relaxant (that only affects the uterus) into the surrogate.  After waiting 10 minutes for the uterus to relax the OB came in. SHE WAS A RIOT.  I